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Shaping Home Buyers’ Decisions

The lifestyles that we live, shape what we look for in a home. Amateur chefs want a large kitchen, active families want a big backyard and a garage to store their equipment, and families who enjoy having friends over want great outdoor and indoor living spaces. No matter what you like to do, a home should reflect these household staples. While in Airdrie real estate we see a lot of families, there are plenty of other lifestyle trends that are reflected in the market.

Here are some popular lifestyle trends that are reflected among Airdrie real estate:

Healthy Living

family home airdrie real estate

Green building is a rising trend that is becoming mainstream. It’s not only the indoor environmental hazards such as volatile organic compounds (gases from chemically produced material). The healthy living trend actually crosses into a more natural environment. Home buyers are showing an interest in homes featuring woods, corks, decorating with plants etc.

The Great Outdoors

Having a space outside to relax and spend quality time with the family is becoming increasingly important. A large backyard with a patio, furniture, maybe even an outdoor theatre is the perfect way to spend summer nights. Home buyers in Airdrie are consistently look for a deck, a yard, or a nearby park. These features encourage outdoor activities.

a home with a backyard airdrie real estate

Flexible Space

family home with space airdrie real estate

Envious of all this space?

A part of making a home your own is the ability to create spaces that are not predefined. Multi-purpose rooms for example can be transformed into a bedroom, or a play room, even a home office. The idea of flexible space allows buyers to make a room whatever they want. This is a trend we are seeing rise up. Each family is different, therefore having a room that can be made into whatever the family needs is an asset.

Kitchen Central

The kitchen is the centre of the home. It’s the place everyone comes together to eat, cook, as well as visit with each other. Instead of the living room being the place to go, it’s now the kitchen. New Airdrie real estate is seeing a focus on kitchen central design, usually connecting with the living room and the dining room. This open floor design is incredibly popular due to its functionality.

home with a large kitchen airdrie real estate

Falling for this kitchen?

A Special Community

family home airdrie real estate, moving to airdrie

Interested in this neighbourhood?

Last but definitely not least, we’re seeing a shift in the way communities are connecting. We’re reverting back to connecting with people the way we did before the Internet Age. Home buyers are looking for a neighbourhood that is friendly, safe, and has the opportunity to build relationships. Public areas such as parks, barbecues, even communal areas in condos and apartments are seeing more interest due to the desire for human connection. Finding that perfect balance of the dichotomy between technology and unplugging is something people strive for.

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