How to survive the office holiday party

by airdrie real estate agent tara molina

The office holiday party is a muddle of dichotomies. Have fun, but not too much fun. Let loose, but don’t do overboard. The list goes on. So how can you not just survive the office holiday party, how can you thrive? After years of hosting office holiday parties and attending a fair few, I’ve compiled a list of tips on how to survive the office holiday party.

Tips From Airdrie Real Estate Agent, Tara Molina:

Take A Liver Booster

Liver boosters will help with your after party ailments. Your liver will have a nice little boost and be able to process the punch better. Start taking liver boosters a few days before and you will notice a huge difference.

Don’t Talk About Work

It can be difficult not to talk about work especially if you do not have a relationship outside of the office with someone. But try your best! You don’t want to be the person people avoid.

Avoid Long Conversations

Ahh, the dreaded 30 minute conversation about work at the office holiday party. Although it can be difficult to know you are walking into a long conversation, you can certainly be the person who does not do this. Keeping conversations light, breezy, and under 20 minutes is a valuable skill that people will appreciate. As they say “keep them wanting more” – strive for this! You can always come back to a conversation if you want to.

Don’t Ditch Out Early

Leaving the office holiday party early is one of those “no-nos” that can really leave an impression. You don’t want to be known as the party pooper so relax a little and stay awhile!

Keep It Classy

Although you’re at the office holiday party to have a good time, there is a fine line between having fun and inappropriate behaviour. If anyone has seen Brooklyn 99 you will remember Captain Holt’s birthday party where the team’s rally cheer is a whisper saying “be appropriate”. When in doubt, use this slogan.

Pick Your Drinks Wisely

Especially if you have to work the next day, make sure you are drinking something that will make the morning easier. You’ve taken your liver boost, now make sure you’re not drinking 10 sugary cocktails that will give you a headache of a lifetime. We all know the right mixes to avoid a hangover – choose wisely!

Know When It’s Time To Leave

We should all know our limits and when it’s time to go home. If you have drank too much too quickly you might want to pull an escape route. The last thing you want is the boss piling you into a cab… embarrassing!

There you have it, the 7 tips on how to survive the office holiday party. Do you have more tips?? I want to hear them! Leave a comment below.


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