Tips For First Time Home Buyers

by Airdrie REALTOR ® Tara Molina

As your preferred Airdrie REALTOR ® and someone who has been a First Time Home Buyer, these are some tips that I have created out of my personal experience. There are so many more tips I have, so read through these and then let’s chat about how you can line yourself up for success. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call!

Start Saving Right Away

Buying a home is a big investment. When you’re thinking about purchasing your first home, it’s so important to make sure that you’re financially able to support yourself in your new lifestyle. Because yes, becoming a homeowner is a lifestyle change. Saving money seems like the most evident first step, but there’s an aspect to saving that First Time Home Buyers should always keep in mind.  You will want to save up for a down payment, but you will also have to save up for an emergency fund.

An emergency fund should be enough to pay for your expenses for 3 months if something unexpected were to happen. Whether it’s a physical injury or a loss of employment, you will need enough funds to support yourself.

Pay Attention During Showings

When you’re inspecting a home, it’s so very important to pay attention and really look at the home. You need to pick it apart. If you know someone who is a contractor, or home builder take them with you. They will be able to spot things that you won’t even think about.

Get Second Opinions

This lumps in with taking someone with you to view homes. It’s not just about viewing homes, it’s also getting second opinions on your mortgage, on your home owners insurance, etc. Don’t go through this process on your own! For one, you have me as your Airdrie REALTOR ® and I’ll be with you to support you every step of the way. It’s always nice to have someone close to you with you throughout the journey. Ask a family member or trusted friend for their insight as well.

Help Others Move

It’s no secret that people don’t like to help others move. Moving is sweaty, it’s hard, and it’s not very fun. It’s pretty common for friends to disappear when you need help moving, so this is a tip to get them to help. Always, always, always offer to help your friends move. First, it’s just a nice thing to do. Second, you won’t have to hit the gym that day. Third, when it comes time for your move they will be much more likely to lend a hand.

Don’t Rush – have fun with it!

Slow down and enjoy the process! You’re only a First Time Home Buyer once, so make sure you take the time to relax. It can be a stressful journey, but with the right team behind you you’ll truly have a positive real estate experience… You might even get addicted to it.

As your chosen Airdrie REALTOR ®, I look forward to learning about your needs. Let’s find the home you’re dreaming of together.

Let’s Get Started!

Have a question about buying or selling your current home? Are you a first-time home buyer that’s not quite sure what to expect? No matter where you’re at in your real estate journey, I am here to help! Send me a message below or give me a shout at 403-809-4639. Let’s make your next move a positive one!

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