Enchanting Williamstown

An Airdrie Real Estate Dream

The City of Airdrie is home to many fantastic neighbourhoods. Being a quick 20 minute drive away from Calgary, Airdrie is a place where people come to escape the bustle of the city without having to wander too far. Within the Airdrie real estate market there are many communities that each have their own charms.

The Charms Of Williamstown

Williamstown is an Airdrie community that gets a front row seat to the stunning Alberta landscape. This award-winning neighbourhood is host to over 800 new families with lots of space. The 60 acre backyard of peaceful Alberta scenery paints the perfect picture of freedom, space, and peaceful elegance.

Valued Heritage

Williamstown holds an incredible value for its heritage. This value results in the undisturbed environmental reserve of which the community surrounds. With pathways that lead you through this scenery, over Nose Creek on the pedestrian bridge, and around to plenty of parks, this neighbourhood is envied throughout the city.


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