Why Use A Realtor®?

Part 2: For Buyers

Using a real estate agent whether you’re selling or buying a home is important! There are many benefits that a REALTOR® brings to the table. As an Airdrie real estate agent, Tara offers advice on why you need a REALTOR® to guide you on your journey. In Part 2 of this blog series, we’re going to look at the details of why using a real estate agent is beneficial for buyers.

Refer back to “Part 1: Sellers” if you’re selling your home and would like more information about how a REALTOR® can help you.

Buying A Home With An Airdrie Real Estate Agent:

Being in the market to purchase a home is an exciting time. You’re searching for the next chapter in your life as a homeowner! When searching for your dream home, it’s difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for without professional help. There are plenty of tools and market knowledge a REALTOR® has that isn’t available to the public.

Finding Available Homes

Most homes for sale are found searching through the internet. It’s possible to find something that looks great, but a real estate agent has even more access. When you’re looking for specific features in a home a REALTOR® can find these through their connections, resources, and general knowledge of the market. They have insights to neighbourhoods, communities, and homes. As an Airdrie real estate agent, Tara has knowledge and access to details that the public cannot get themselves. A REALTOR® also inspects a home to ensure it’s worth showing to the buyer. This presents a huge advantage to having an expert in your corner.

Requesting Repairs

Real estate agents have a knack for identifying troubles that a buyer might not notice. Experienced real estate agents will know immediately if something is amiss, and help negotiate repairs. Requesting repairs can be a tricky business if you’ve never done it before. A real estate agent knows how to go about this process and will even recommend a good home inspector.

Knowing The Codes

As an Airdrie real estate agent, it’s my job to know the municipal codes. For example, if a buyer wants to turn a part of the house into a little shop you must know if the city will allow it. Even if you’d like to add a bedroom or build a fence, the city has municipal codes that might prevent these renovations. A real estate agent will be familiar with the local area’s zoning ordinances to ensure a buyer is purchasing a home where these projects are possible.


Purchasing a home is a huge endeavour with loads of paperwork. This paperwork is easily navigated by a professional real estate agent, whereas the buyer is less inclined. For a general idea paperwork includes the following:

  • written offer
  • written and signed counter offer
  • little details (i.e. repairs)
  • What is and is not included in the sale (i.e. laundry machines)

These contracts are a lot of work, and require a once-over from a professional before they’re submitted. REALTORs® know these contracts inside out, and save buyers lots of time trying to navigate through them.

Avoid Closing Problems

As a buyer closes the deal to purchase the home, issues or challenges may arise. Perhaps the lender missed the timeline for financing, or someone forgot to sign off on the sale. Unexpected title issues may rear its ugly head, but a real estate agent will be able to help smooth out these issues.

Purchasing a home is a large undertaking, having a professional in your corner will make the process much easier. There are reasons people choose to purchase a home on their own. My hope is that your home purchasing journey goes smoothly, and you have a positive experience. As your preferred Airdrie real estate agent, I am on a mission to help others achieve their goals of homeownership.

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